MANYATTA – the village


Manyatta offers easy entry content and fun to use tasks that provide and support basic reading and counting skills. The look and feel is based on the traditional life of women and children in a pastoralist village.

Readers will learn letters and counting up to 100. The used visuals provide crisp and full-hd pictures and videos from their everyday life to keep barriers as low as possible. Audio files support the correct pronunciation.

FORA – grazing zone


This eBook shows the everyday life of the pastoralists in the grazing zone with the traditional herding. Since this is is a more advanced set of tasks, FORA supports more difficult spellings and numbers up to 1000.

The tasks are also based on a playful solution to learn basic spelling and counting skills. With its combination of everyday life situations it becomes a fun and easy to use and perfect example how multimedia content can deliver learning goals.

MARKET – buying and selling


Market provides basic economic lessons, calculating skills and vocabulary that is needed to achieve economic success.

The eBook uses buying and selling situations at markets and shops to show how to earn money and calculate win or loss correctly.

TOWN – alcohol, m-pesa and waste


Visits to the town deliver a large variety of challenging situations for pastoralists. The eBook covers all the influences (good and bad) the town can have and offers advanced reading and calculating lessons.

Especially the topic about M-pesa, a mobile based banking system, introduces the pastoralists to modern money economy. Environmental issues like dealing with plastic waste, which can cause death of their animals, will be pointed out.

Basic grammar lessons are also introduced in this eBook. Program participants will get more skilled in reading and writing the English language.

ANIMAL HEALTH – symptoms, diseases and treatment


ANIMAL HEALTH is the first of our series of eBooks focused entirely on transferring knowledge.

This eBook which is developed together with our partner Tierärzte ohne Grenzen (VSF)  shows how to discover symptoms on sick animals, classify the diseases and even treat the infected animals accordingly.

Additionally we demonstrate how the state veterinary system can support the herders effectively.

DROUGHT RESILIENCE – preparation and protection


One of the biggest challenges of a pastoralist community is to deal with problematic climate situations. Without sufficient preparation it gets even more hard to get through a severe drought without the loss of too many animals.

Together with the National Drought Management Authority we will develop this eBook on newest scientific knowledge on drought monitoring and water management. The participants learn how to better classify the weather and prepare themselves for the drought. Because of the climate change it is getting more and more important to promote alternative livelihood strategies such as small businesses, fishing and farming if possible.

CELEBRATIONS and conflicts


For nomadic people celebrations are important to keep their communities together and their culture alive. This eBook will focus on a wedding ceremony. Beside the positive aspects of this event we will also discuss the conflicts:

  • Animal stealing for dowry,
  • forced marriage of girls and
  • female genital mutilation of the bride.

The eBook will also show ways how to solve conflicts in a peaceful way.