Christmas time, rainy season and testing


When we asked in June our people in northern Kenya which would be the best time to come again, they said December. Because of Christmas? No, because of the rainy season. Normally it starts to rain November and December. But it is not like raining in Europe, it is more like a rain lottery: You never know where and when the downpour starts. In a sense raining on Christmas is like a perfect present for the pastoralists. This year there seems to be more rain, experts link it to El Nino.




We were more concentrated on our third test phase. Thanks to a donation, we could provide our women group in Loiyangalani with a tablet with a protection cover, a solar charger and a solid bag for transport. We wanted to know how the expensive equipment is handled by our pastoralists. So far it is working out well and they are able to handle the technical things without problems.



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