Environmental protection in the catchment, part 1

This eBook contains 10 videos and 84 interactive pages with explanations and tasks. As this module had to engage user groups in discussing harmful practices, e.g. charcoal production which leads to deforestation that destroy catchments and consequently reduce the productivity of the land as well as the biodiversity wefocused on the following teaching targets and learning objectives:

  • Showing the devastating effects of charcoal production to the environment.
  • Showing dependencies between deforestation and erosion.
  • Showing alternative ‚survival strategies‘ to charcoal production.
  • Understanding that charcoal production is a criminal act with negative effects such as conviction/jail.
  • Understanding the socio-economic structure of charcoal production:
    – Learning and understanding the meaning of terms like „supply, demand and exploitation“ with their impact on the life in a community/village.
    – Learning that only the charcoal producers are taking the risk in terms of being punished.
    – Getting to know the consequences of wrong conduct: Destroying their own environment while the profit is with the big shots in Kampala.
  • Learning the interdependence of “evaporation” and charcoal production and understanding the long lasting effects.
  • Understanding that charcoal production is not sustainable for the environment.
  • Learning how to manage natural resources management by planting trees to avoid evaporation and erosion.
  • Learning the practical skills and steps how to plant a tree.
  • Introducing farming practices: trees as resources for food and health.

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