But the time runs fast, and two days soon finished. Soon, we might be leaving our hospitable Villa Sveti Petar, when I would need to say that we are going to sail right here, in Croatia and my major secret would be disclosed, and now, only charter a yacht! But I told Michael that we’ve got a number of hours for an unhurried walk through the town before we taken away and will be picked up. We drifted to the marina at noon to take some images from in the meantime and the opposite coast to admire the snow-white yachts. “Only imagine sailing someplace on one of them,” said Michael. “This is your present! Happy birthday, my dear! Among these snow-white attractiveness is yours for the entire week, my skipper!”This was it! Something I was cherishing for almost a year came true. A particular line was drawn-and only the sea was before us. Legal formalities required no longer than ten minutes. The crew and the captain were introduced to each other. It was called Daisy. Fortunately, in spite of the name, the yacht didn’t get us into trouble.:-) – Personal blog about Croatian hire.


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