El Portal, the gastronomic project opened by a businessman Carlos Bosch seven years ago is among the most crowded and vibrant spots in Alicante. Bosch has found, the formula of non-stop and quality cuisine, along with an exciting wine selection, that the best way to satisfy customers and provide more than 300 services each day. Since, in addition to the gastronomy, El Portal is a social gathering and place where you can enjoy a drink after midnight, enlivened with the greatest music by DJs.

The owner is a wine lover and as such, has a unique wine cellar located on the premises. It is home to a significant assortment that includes Jerez Champagne and other labels. He also serves as an advocate for the Krug champagne brand, which means having a table that is exclusive, located in one of the most stylish corners of the property, with a minimum of four people and up to eight people, and where you can sample a menu which is signed by the chef and owner of the restaurant Sergio Sierra and accompanied by the special French champagne.

What is intended at La Table Krug serves to have a dining experience, where food comes hand-in-hand with Krug Cuvee but diners can have the opportunity, if prefer, to taste various vintages and gems from the house: Cuvee, Rose, Vintage , Collection, Clos du Mesnil and Clos d’Ambonnay. All at a discount of 20% of the price indicated as such on El Portal menu. El Portal menu.

Menu for tasting (190 euros, VAT included and a bottle of champagne for each two guests) begins with a selection of sharing dishes including Maldonado Acorn-fed Iberian pork, knife-cut cecina from Leon served with pieces of bread, to where you may add oil and tomato from the garden, or even a half-cured mullet.

The array of dishes begins with an ounce of Iranian beluga caviar on an island of cream. This is followed by egg yolk, bacon, potato and black truffle. The preparation for a stunning grilling red prawn, which comes from Denia.

For main dishes, bluefin tuna, nettles, and a delicious squab that Sergio Sierra prepares just right with just three cooking time. For dessert, red fruit with Mascarpone ice cream.


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