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for nomadic people in Africa

multimedia learning for better livelihoods

of african pastoralists

empowering WOMEN

strengthening HUMAN RIGHTS


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keeping CULTURE alive


"Even in the night we can remember
the videos and pictures and dream about
what you have taught us."

Turkana fisherman (middle)

coping with DROUGHT



eeem.org covers a large variety of multimedia eBooks

eeem.org is a project of up4change, an NGO with the mission to bring new educational opportunities with multimedia e-learning programs to illiterate communities around the world. While working with nomads in Northern Kenia since 2012 we have discovered that they use mobile technology with ease and enthusiasm.

Based on this experience we started to deploy newest tablet PCs for educational programs which integrate videos and other rich media content relying on tablet-based eBooks as a learning tool.

eeem.org makes the best use of technological progress and indispensable social skills of people: We educate barefoot teachers to become multipliers. They will spread mobile multimedia learning approaches to more people and will also document their educational progress.


“The program is very good. It helps us to become stronger.”
Danila, program participant, future barefoot teacher

“We never went to school. This program is a great opportunity for us.”
Moran herder, program participant

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Our eBooks cover a large variety of situations, sceneries and tasks of nomads’ everyday life, such as:

  • Manyatta – the village
  • Fora – grazing zone
  • Market – buying and selling
  • Town – scratch cards, M-Pesa and buying goods
  • Animal Health – symptoms, diseases and treatment
  • Drought Resilience – preparation and protection
  • Alternative Livelihoods – banking, fish and hay
  • Celebrations and Conflicts

eBook Overview

You want to try it for yourself? Download our eBook overview with example pages to your iPad. Download the ePub eBook here and start via iBooks app. Android users need to install a multimedia ePub reader.

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Ethnologists Dr. Petra Dilthey and Uli Schwarz from up4change e.V. at work.

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