We are speaking at the PENHA in London

We are proud to present the project at the PENHA (Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa) Workshop in London. Feel free to join us at the workshop (register at the link above) or follow the workshop online via …

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The revival of a hay making project (video)

Our students get to know the benefits and the profit they can gather by hay making through our eBooks and restart the hay making project. Watch this short video filmed in Hurri Hills, Kenya with some of our students from …

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Introducing Daro, one of our barefoot teachers

A very important part of the project are our so called barefoot teachers. They find students in the village where they live and teach them how to deal with drought, treat the animals, calculate profits and so on. In …

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What we are doing [infographic]

We keep getting asked what the project is and what we are doing. So we thought about making a little infographic to show what it is all about. Enjoy.

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Merry Christmas and a happy 2017!

The whole team from wish you a merry and joyful christmas. Thank you for your support in 2016. We wish you a happy year 2017.

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(Online) Greetings from Loiyangalani

“Receive greetings from Naning’oi Women group. We are happy, we are progressing well. We are excited as Naningoi Women Group that we are connected to the world …” This e-mail we got the 25th of november after we left Loiyangalani.

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Oct'16 eBook overview with example pages now downloadable

For those of you who want to try it for yourselves, we have created a multimedia eBook with 55 example pages from our large variety of multimedia learning eBooks. You can download the ePub file directly to your iPad or …

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Learning to read, to write and even to receive money via mobile phone

The project opens the door to new opportunities. It not only teaches how to read and write- it even gives our patricipants the opportunity to learn how to pay and receive money via their mobile phones. That’s a big step towards …

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With the project our participants get better value at the livestock market

Part 2 of our selected statements from the participants in Hurri Hills show how our students see their new opportunities at the lifestock market. Now they know the perfect time to sell animals during the “drought cycle”.  

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Some statements from the students

It’s always great to get some encouraging feedback. But we did not expect such a positive reaction as we got from our students of Hurri Hills in Kenya. See this small footage and hear them with their own words.  

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