Back from Kenya

We are back from Kenya and we are happy to report that the first training workshops for barefoot teachers in Loiyangalani and Hurri Hills were very successful. We introduced the eBooks in 7-day training courses, working very effectively in small groups. The participants became familiar with the iPad quickly and appreciated the eBooks on different levels – because of their content and as learning tools.

They were especially enthusiastic about the chapters on M-Pesa – a mobile money service widely used to make payments in Kenya – and the subject of drought resilience. As one participant put it: “Animals get affected by drought, but not the money in the M-Pesa account.”

After the training course three barefoot teachers were chosen by the participants because of their teaching abilities. We had lots of useful feedback from the participants and could adapt course work accordingly even during the workshop. After this positive kick-off we are looking forward to our next steps with our project partners Malteser International and Pacida.

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