GIZ’s new eBook on water source protection at the valley tank

GIZ’s new eBook “water source protection at the valley tank” consists of  9 videos and 86 interactive pages with a lot of explanations and tasks. As this module had to deal especially with technologies and activities to be implemented at valley tanks to reduce erosion and evaporation as well as to increase water quality and quantity we focused on the following teaching targets and learning objectives:

  • Learning and applying practical crafts and/or skills
    • Planting of vetiver
    • Tree planting
    • Fencing (to improve/upgrade existing barbed wire fence with milk bush and thorns)
  • Understanding natural and physical processes
    • evaporation and
    • erosion and their dependencies
  • Transferring the physical processes of evaporation and erosion to a concrete situation at a valley tank.
  • Learning the above-mentioned technical terms which do not exist in Karamojong by typing/using the English words in appropriate contexts.
  • Understanding the principal structure of a valley tank to avoid evaporation and erosion.

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