We passed alongside the island on our way to Vela Luka. The city of Vela Luka is really weathered by the sea and the time, but even in August, restaurants serve extremely fresh and delicious oysters from Ston. You sit peacefully at the open lounge of the restaurant (konoba) “Casablanca,” admiring the view, inhaling the sea air and drinking cold white wine Posip with oysters. Such a joy! We returned to the town of Stari Grad. Seldom visited by tourists, this town was a real surprise for us. Figure what it was called in ancient times?It is nothing less compared to the Greek Faros, but not the one where the well-known lighthouse stood. As with Alexandria, there were several cities of Faros. It is a city of beauty that is amazing. Here you are able to feel the nobleness of ancient and time stones. In one minute, without much discussion, I and Michael decided that it was time. We calculated that we could reach Rovinj by evening and unfolded our map. In Rovinj we’d a yacht in charter. Our captain was unusually civilized, replying that his wife would be really happy to see him a little earlier.: Do you know how to boat?


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